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I’m back at Seth Godin’s freelancer course via Udemy and have arrived at Lesson 44, that’s Lesson 44, Develop a Unique Voice. In typical Seth fashion, he encourages us to make our discoveries public so mine go here and are routed to FB and Twitter. Here goes-

Part I: Seth says “If you could choose an archetype that you want your business known for, what would it be?” Somehow others have chosen 5 so I chose 5 also.

  • confidence
  • curious
  • empathetic
  • creative
  • service

DeathtoStock_Clementine10Part II: List 5 ways you could express these attributes.

  1. Confidence: modeling it myself in how I live, love and act…both in my personal and professional lives so that clients know I can help them become more confident. They see me, my periodic struggles and can identify with that and trust me.
  2. Curious: showing genuine interest in the world around me as well in the people I come across, whether or not they are clients. Being curious about ideas and, not the nosy parker sort a la Gladys Kravitz.
  3. Empathetic: being with someone as fully as I can be, without concern about how it might look or how I might be perceived my someone who doesn’t get me. I’m struggling with my empathy right now, though, as I deal with some providers who speak so disparagingly about their clients.
  4. Creative: Willing to think outside the mom box about ideas, projects and borings tasks too. Custom designed programs are always on the table.
  5. Service: creating the highest possible level of experience for a client(s), going above and beyond when it’s not expected, wowing someone who wasn’t excepting it and continually being mindful of how I can act in service my clients. This is one of my favorite pieces of my business.