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I started this course for freelancers on Udemy only because it is Seth Godin himself teaching it. I’ve bought almost all his books, including his newest, and like the rest of his fans, I feel like he is talking exactly to me and telling me what I need to hear. This course is no exception. A freelancer is an indy worker. She’s a retail shop owner like my pal Wendy who just opened up a brilliant new store in downtown Durham, Indio. Freelancers are people who work for themselves, like me. Perhaps like you too.

The following is an exercise from lecture #5 in Seth’s course. He says, put it out there. Make it public, take a risk, in typical Seth Godin “fail fast” fashion. Here are the questions he asks and my answers:

Q. What do I want to do?

A. I want to help women listen to themselves, make time for what works and say ‘no’ to what’s holding them back.

Q. Who do I want to change and how?

A. Busy women who are smart, capable and connected. They are eager to do things diffIMG_0443erently. I’ll help them change with an individual goal-oriented, time-limited program called Bang It Out! coaching, through personal growth group coaching workshops, a new moms group, and a training called When Survivors Give Birth.

Q. How much risk (1-10) am I willing to take & what would that look like? Tradeoffs etc.

A. 8. Not everything but damn close. In order to make this happen, I’m giving up doing any doTERRA even though it’s fun. I’m also giving some time on weekends with my family. I’ve cut back on volunteering, Tweeting and spending time with people who don’t completely satisfy me.

Q. Does this project matter for the risk and effort?

A. Absolutely. Women needs to listen to themselves so they can recognize the small boxes that they are placed in and then get the hell out of them so they can create their own box life. We must start adding things in that make us feel good and getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t. I’m the best person I know to do this kind of work. I’ve done similar work before but never quite so niched or in such a deliberate, productive, intentional way. No one can do this quite like I can.

Q. Is it possible? Has anyone with my resources pulled this off before?

A. There are other entrepreneurs out there who started with less money and less support. Marie Forleo comes to mind. I have more resources than I did 10 years ago even though I have less overall time.

If you’re considering freelancing or are a freelancer, buy this course. Even if yu don’t start freelancing Head to Udemy here, look for Seth Godin freelancer and enter the code MOVEUP to save $30 on the course when you check out. Deal ends tonight at midnight.