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Are you curious & interested in social justice issues as they relate to moms?

The intern will be responsible for helping the agency with four mains areas: blogging, social media marketing, community partner building, logistics. Her areas of responsibility include:

  1. 1-2 blog posts per week (approx 400-600 words) on topics determined by her interest and agency mission;
  2. Use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn) to promote agency and educate the public;
  3. Help agency build partnerships with similar goals and/or clients;
  4. Assist with on-site training logistics.

Depending on start date, intern’s schedule and interest, other projects may also come available. This is an unpaid internship but intern will receive regular, biweekly supervision meetings in which she will receive specific feedback related to her work, have the chance to ask additional questions, brainstorm projects that may be of interest to her. She will also have the option of working from home most of the time, on her own schedule.

Intern should be curious, interested in social justice issues especially as they pertain to women who are pregnant and/or have children. She should be detail-oriented and able to work independently. She should be a better than average writer. Familiarity with blogging is a plus. Ideal candidates would have taken a class or have a background in women’s studies, or at minimum, an interest in work/life balance; intersection of class and race in mothering, violence against women.

Is this you? Terrific! Check out my website so you are familiar with who I am and what I do for clients. The submit a resume, cover letter and ideally a writing sample to me (ideally something related to what I do at Outside The Mom Box and within 500-700 words) via email: outsidethemombox (at) gmail (dot) com.