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There are no paintings on the wall here in our apartment in Heidelberg…which in hindsight is a good thing.  The temperature for the past three days here has been  almost 95 with high humidity and while I don’t think paintings would start to melt as they do in this classic Twilight Zone episode, you never know.

I’m no artist but I had become a bit like Norma here: sweaty, delirious and on the cusp of screaming.  Germany is not an air conditioned country and our apartment is no exception.  We have windows without screens that open, letting in air (sometimes), the sound of an ambulance and every other street noise you could imagine.  Air….or sleep? Kind of like groceries or meds: not a decision that anyone wants to have to make. You really just need both. Add an almost toddler into that equation and you can imagine where some screaming might come in.

We found a pool which helped my temporary insanity. Hands down, the best 5 Euros I have ever spent.  And it rained earlier so things are looking up.  Rather, I’m looking up, searching the skies like a veteran stormchaser. I know it’s summer but today, just for today, I’d settle for a good old-fashioned thunder and lightening storm.  One blows in with much fanfare and knocks the heat back to August where it belongs.  I don’t want to have to start worrying about those paintings again.