I’m happy to…if I feel like the subject matter is a good fit for my interests and background.  Here’s a bit on how to proceed & what you can expect from me:

  1. Contact me via email and include the name of your book and a clear request to have me review the book.Eyeglasses on Open Book
  2. You’ll hear my answer within 2 business days.  That email reply will also contain any logistics that you should know i.e. vacation, travel, etc.
  3. The onus is then on you to send me the book…a real version not a 200 page PDF that you expect me to print on my own time & dime.
  4. You’ll then receive confirmation that I received the book and when I will start reading.
  5. Once I am finished (usually no more than 30 days), I will contact you via email with my thoughts.  If you like what I said, I’ll post it to Amazon.  If you don’t, I will not post a review, at your request.

Any questions?  Please leave a comment below.  Comments are invisible until approved by me (unless you’re a previous commenter) and therefore confidential.  Thank you.