“Never have so many people felt so unfulfilled in their career roles, and been so unsure what to do about it.”

Here are 5 ideas what to do about this conundrum (…or is it?)-

  1. Talk to someone (coach, therapist, friend, etc.) about what feels off in your current work.  Sometimes we can’t ever verbalize what the issues are.  But we need to be able to do this before we can figure out how to solve them.  Use this conversation to get very clear on what is NOT working.
  2. Create a vision board of what your ideal next job would look like.  Think “job” not career so as to keep all options open, the focus away from “should” and on possibilities.  Aim more for images than words.  Be open and inclusive and try to cover the who, what, where, when and why.
  3. Make a list of every possible thing that you can do about this lack of fulfillment.  Include the very obvious (leaving your job) and the more sublime.  If you get stuck, work with a trusted friend to generate some ideas.
  4. Spend some time alone*.  Turn off the tv.  Limit time on email.  Take a break from Facebook, Twitter and your Instagram accounts.  Tuning in to yourself is essential when you need to get clear about next steps.  We fall out of practice with this, especially when we are bored or unsatisfied with something in our life.
  5. Hire a life coach.  This is the kind of work that I, and other coaches like me, do with our clients.  A coach serves a number of purposes, two biggies relate to idea generating and also accountability.  You’ll need both to make a major life change  successful.

*I am not advocating spending time alone if you are feeling depressed or worried that you might be depressed, harm yourself or someone else.  Seek professional help if you are feeling any of those things.

What would you add to this list?