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I’m a huge memoir fan.  Mary Karr, Jeannette Walls, even that crazy Augusten Burroughs so when I heard Ms. Ruta interviewed on Weekend Edition Sunday a few weeks ago, ImageI was interested.  Bottom line: It’s a good story which could use more editing.  Ruta writes well and she’s an agreeable character that you can’t help root for (while her mother Kathi is not agreeable but boy, is she fascinating) but the storytelling was jumbled.  She’s a child, she’s in high school, she’s in college, then in high school again.  And, it’s not just her age gets confusing; it’s location and people too. Chronologically, it’s all over the place which makes it tricky to follow at points.  This is distracting and takes away from an otherwise terrific memoir. To be fair, Ruta is a recovering alcoholic who admits in the story to drinking to blacking out.  It’s very possible this jumbled storytelling is intentional, to give the reader a feel of what it is/was like to be Domenica Ruta.  If so, I admire the effort but it doesn’t work for me.  Still, a good story, worth reading.  Library, not bookstore, unless you head to Amazon and buy the copy that I just listed. 🙂